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Eurotherm AP1 In-Situ Carbon Probe

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Eurotherm AP1 In-Situ Carbon Probe

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AP1 In-Situ Carbon Probe, with temperature sensor and cable assembly

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The AP1 Carbon Probe is a consumable item, like a thermocouple, which is mounted with its tip in contact with the furnace atmosphere, ideally close to the working zone. The probe produces an output voltage which, in conjunction with the process temperature and atmosphere, can be interpreted in terms of the atmosphere carbon potential of the furnace. The probe is designed to be used with controllers with a high impedance input. The Eurotherm AirRef enclosure provides a continuous reference air supply to support the standard operation of the probe.

The probe can measure very low oxygen partial pressures with extreme accuracy and repeatability. It can be used
to control furnace atmospheres and gas generators over a full range of carburizing and hardening applications.
Works in all common reducing atmospheres:
• Endothermic
• Nitrogen/methanol
• Nitrogen/natural gas
• Nitrogen/hydrogen
• Nitrogen/propylene

The AP1 probe is suitable for high temperature carburizing heat treating, carbonitriding and endothermic gas
generators. It should not be used for nitriding applications.

An inlet port for the supply of reference air to the inner electrode is in the head of the probe, along with the electrical
connections to the inner and outer electrodes. The probe is generally fitted with a thermocouple to give the process
temperature within the probe tip region and is also fitted with a “burn-off” port to allow the burn-off of carbon/soot
deposits on the sensor tip, as required.

Click here to see In-Situ Carbon Probe Data sheet and Manual

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Manufacturer Name


+/- 0.05 weight % carbon in normal operating range


% carbon probe into 8MOhms


0.00V to 1.40V dc over operating range

Response Time

Less than 1.0 second

Thermocouple Options

Type K, Type N, Type R, Type S

Probe sheath

Special alloy – resistant to corrosion and
oxidization up to 1050°C (1922°F)

Diameter of Sheath

26.67mm (1.05in) O.D nominal

Connection Fitting

Screwed fitting 1 inch NPT Male, Adjustable Gland

Reference air flow

20ml/min (0.42 SCFH) to
700ml/min (1.48 SCFH) air 20.9% O2

DC Measurement System

%Oxygen sensors should be used with a controlling, recording or indicating instrument having an input impedance of 10MΩ or higher

Temperture Range

760°C to 1050°C (1400°F to 1922°F)

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Eurotherm AP1 In-Situ Carbon Probe

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