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Electric Actuators automate valves in order to increase efficiency.  The torque limiter and the heaters are both included in the standard version and are always automatically operating when the actuator is powered; to ensure a continuous protection against condensation and over-torque.

Bonomi Valbia provides a wide range of quarter turn, single phase electric actuators. These are available with different voltages of power supply (12V/24V/100-240V) and frequency (50/60 Hz); along with CE UL and CSA certifications and different levels of protection enclosure (IP-UL Type).

These actuators are suitable for the automation of a great variety of ball and butterfly valves, with torque values from 90 to 3100 lbs-In. The motor adjusts its speed at the load variations in order to consistently maintain the specified cycle time.

Bonomi Valbia manufactures two series of these Actuators:
• The 85 series, with a technopolymer enclosure
• The 86 series, with a powder coated aluminum enclosure

In addition, Valbia offers a wide range of special versions designed to provide effective solutions for special applications.

Click Here for Bonomi Series 85-86 Data Sheet

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