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Manual Ball Vales are Rotational Motion Valves. The internal ball shaped disk is used to start or stop fluid flow.  They have great shut-off capabilities as turning the handle 90° completely opens or closes the valve; which minimizes the operation time and decreases leakage chances. These Manual Ball Valves are used for their low maintenance and compact design.

Manual Butterfly Valves are Rotary Motion Valves; which are well suited for handling the large flows of liquids and gasses at low pressures.  These valves are easily and quickly operated by the handle to put the valve in the fully open or fully closed position.  These valves are considered for their savings in weight, space, and cost.

Bonomi Manual Valves consist of 2 or 3 way Ball Valves along with Lug Style or Wafer Style Butterfly Valves. These valves come with a locking handlever to manually open and close the port that allows fluid flow.  Bonomi Manual Valves provide a basic solution to stop or start the flow of fluid; but can be used for basic throttling.

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